In 2012, I experimented with podcasts, thanks to Wellington Access Radio and their wonderful, helpful, staff. I loved being able to talk directly with interviewees and to present their voices for others to hear. A lot more fun than exchanging emails, in some ways. BUT the audience for podcasts was not as large as for my other blog posts, so I abandoned them. Now, they're also on the Internet Archive and I can embed them, so here they are, all ten of them, and linked to their original posts, where there's more info and discussion!

Global Treasures: Deborah Zimmerman & Women Make Movies

Sheila Jackson Hardy's 'Nice & Rough: Black Women in Rock'

Pietra Brettkelly & 'Maori Boy Genius'

Kate Kaminski

Briony Kidd
Why Do Women Filmmakers Create Film Festivals? Kate Kaminski (Bluestocking Series) and Briony Kidd (A Stranger With My Face, Hobart)

Pratibha Parmar's 'Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth'

48 Hours Film Competition & Women Directors

Francesca Jago

Gaylene Preston
Laurie Wright
Ruth Korver (right)

Deborah Jones and her 'Glamour & Grind' research

OUTTAKES 2012 & Jill Livestre

Cannes & Women Directors (2) – Destri Martino

Desiree & Yael Gezentsvey and 'Nuclear Family' play